Armchair Pyora II




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Armchair Pyora II

Pyora is a collection of exclusive armchairs that form a perfect match for modern interiors. The seat is filled with the highest quality foam and natural feather. What surrounds it is high, bucket backrest equipped with a soft pillow, providing comfortable support and the highest level of comfort. The universal design of the Pyora I armchair fits perfectly both the contemporary living room and a hotel lobby. Regardless of the type of interior, the chair adds coziness to it, and that without limiting its elegance. A decisive, eye-catching form and a wide selection of luxurious fabrics guarantee that Pyora I will be a special touch in any interior.

Armchair Pyora II

size: 800x820x760mm / height x width x depth
filling: non-deformable high-resilience foam of the highest standard, natural feathers
base:  solid oak wood




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