What distinguishes us?

  • made in Poland
    all furniture and raw materials used in it are produced in Poland.
  • attention to details and comfort
    each our product has details and comfort features refined by our team in detail.
  • production department workers
    all workers having many years of experience in individual positions.
  • customer service
    contact with a customer from starting an order until it is filled and shipped.
  • modern and innovative design
    we are cooperating with the best engineering teams, which results into modern models for all needs.
  • modular products
    our selection is abounding in modular pieces of furniture, thus a customer can create any configuration of a piece of furniture, adjusting it to their space.
  • a variety of models
    each our model is available in a few different configurations, widths, so everybody will adjust a given piece of furniture to their interior.
  • an opportunity of producing a piece of furniture to an individual order
    if a customer does not find a dimension in our selection that is optimal for them, we can make it according to the customer’s individual features.
  • modern equipment resources
    we work using the best machines, we have modern heavy sewing machines at our disposal, we have a cutter for cutting fabrics, a machine for machining foams, therefore we can get reproducible and high-quality products.
  • high-quality raw materials, semi-finished products
    we select suppliers of wood, foams, granulated products, fabrics with extraordinary care so that every created product is of highest quality. We cooperate with suppliers from Europe only.
  • a wide selection of upholstery fabrics
    in our selection, we are trying to put fabrics having many colour solutions, the pleasant perception of touch as well as innovative character, i.e. resistance to dirt, cleaning facilitating technologies.
  • our customers
    we produce for the best architects in Europe.

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