About our brand

Nobonobo is a Polish brand of furniture whose owner is Kaza Design Sp. z o.o.. The company was set up in 2010 in Żywiec, in the southern part of Poland.  It is a brand of furniture which is a low-key, one could say individual, brand. At first, the brand was available for a limited group of clients, however, with time the Company decided to expand the sales market and market the brand on the Polish and European markets for individual customers. It is created by people with passion, commitment and energy. Everybody is different, so continuous brainstorming enables to refine each product in the tiniest details. We are focusing on diligently and individually refining every detail.

Nobonobo is 100% ‘Made in Poland’ which responds to contemporary culture, life development, changes in habits and to customers’ requirements.

For production of Nobonobo furniture, we use carefully selected materials, starting from wood needed to make a solid structure, through foams, granulated products, down to fabrics with innovative technologies. Every raw material is important because it has influence on the final effect which must be perfect and unrivalled.

Customers’ opinion has always been a strategic factor of the development policy followed by our technical department. Through customer’s meetings and experience of architects and designers cooperating with us, we deliver unique features of a product, creativity and quality. That’s exactly what creates our company DNA.

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