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Raksa Sofa

The Raksa Sofa designed by Tomek Rygalik is an exceptionally universal piece of furniture that will fit well in most of the interiors. It is owing to its simple form, modular structure, a wide selection of fabrics, but above all, carefully designed proportions. As in many high-class products, details are also crucial in Raksa. The backrest of the sofa is finished with an arch that subtly breaks the straight angles and lines of the piece. The armrest, on the other hand, is located slightly below the backrest, highlighting this detail. Table veneered with American walnut, designed specifically for this purpose, proves an excellent complement to this sofa. Another key feature of Raksa is its extraordinary comfort. The model utilizes a new type of filling, which is a further improvement of the SoftLayersTM system. In Raksa, one can remove covers not only from the seat and backrest, but also from the armrests or the base.

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