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CRUZAR table

Cruzar is a modern table with an off the beaten track design. The top is made from carefully selected solid oak wood. Wood of the top was refined with oil because oiled wood keeps a fully natural look as well as perfectly highlights natural grain of wood. It provides a durable and matt surface. The top is available in a few colours. Finished in two manners: undercut or flat. The base is made from metal powder paint coated in black. Cruzar table is entirely made by hand, which undoubtedly raises its prestige.


table height: 760mm
top available dimensions:

1800x900 - possibility attachment 900x300 or 900x500
2000x1000 - possibility attachment 1000x300  or 1000x500
2200x1000 - possibility attachment 1000x300 or 1000x500
2400x1000 - possibility attachment 1000x300  or 1000x500


top edge options: flat or undercut
The table is sent in two parts, the top and the base. The top has to be mounted to the base with the use of screws provided in the shipment.

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