Tres table set



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Tres table set

Modern Tres tables include design and functionality on the highest level. Round table tops made of high quality metal placed on light and, at the same time, stable basis create a truly spectacular effect. Detachable table top, acting as a tray, provides an easy and convenient way to serve beverages and snacks. Tres table fits perfectly with any surrounding, it is ideal for living rooms, balconies and even gardens.


Tres table set


tray diameter: 425 mm /detachable tray/
total height: 275 mm
base: rectangle

CITY II: 625 mm /detachable tray/
tray diameter: mm  
total height: 385 mm
base: rectangle

diameter of the tray: 925 mm /not detachable tray/  
total height: : 475 mm
base: rectangle

material: table top - metal tray powder painted with Black Mat
base: powder painted with Black Mat

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